Our Past Perfomance

Citadel Billing Service is an organization that has made a mark on the industry by delivering results that are second to none. It has transcended the market benchmarks and has been a step ahead of its competitors. Citadel Billing Service has always believed in providing unrivaled services in an innovative and effective way. Citadel Billing Service is one of the pioneer companies when it comes to Practice Management and Medical Billing services. Citadel Billing Services challenges itself to perform better and takes pride in the fact that it has always delivered on the promises made.

Client Testimonials

I strongly recommend Citadel Billing to anyone who enjoys excellent customer service, attention to detail, and more revenue! Making the decision to switch from our previous billing company was a stressful task for our practice. However, Citadel Billing made the transition a seemingly smooth one by maintaining continuous communication throughout the process. They performed a thorough audit of our billing practices which identified areas that were resulting in decrease revenue and developed a comprehensive plan tailored for our practice. They were readily available to answer any of our questions and concerns and provided us with timely updates on the status of the current billing performance. They were also able to recoup lost revenue from previous claim denials. Since utilizing Citadel Billing, our practice revenue has increased by 26% which I believe is also due to their ability to manage appointment reminders and referrals. In addition, timely filing has significantly improved resulting in a decrease in claim denials. In the few instances, where claims were denied, Citadel was able to identify the problem immediately and resolve the issue. Citadel Billing was also able to engage in contract negotiation with insurance companies resulting in an increase in service reimbursement. Our practice has no reservations about having made the transition and would highly recommend them to other potential groups seeking a new billing company.

Paula De Almaida
Chief Operating Officer
Boston Neurobehavioral Associate