Who We Are

Vision and Mission

Citadel Billing Services (CBS) strives to give unparalleled medical billing and practice management services that are up to speed with the latest trends of the market. It is upon us to act as a robust bridge between our clients and insurance companies so that there are no hiccups when it comes to claims and follow-ups. Our services are tailored specially for our clients according to their needs and we provide them with the latest services to help them with their reimbursements. We aspire to become a household name in the domain of medical billing and practice management by creating a long-term clientele that is based upon rich virtues such as integrity, trust and merit.

CEO’S Message

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Practice Management and Medical Billing are two avenues of the health care world where one can face significant frustration and subsequently lose hope, if not anything else, in the health care structure. Here in CBS we have pledged to make things easier for our client. We understand the needs of our clients in this ever-evolving world of health care. We understand that things are not that simple anymore like they used to be. We simply do not believe in leaving our clients out in the cold when it comes to denials and various other cumbersome undertakings that can take a toll on them. We make sure that your needs and requirements are effectively met and that your experience with our organization is a positive one.

Please feel free to contact me at mmunir@citadelbilling.com
Mohammad Munir

Our History

CBS has been offering impeccable Medical Billing and Practice Management services since 2007. We have withstood the tests of time when it comes to delivering services that are second to none. Our effectiveness in providing these services has resulted in creating a special bond between the organization and the clients. We are a thoroughly client focused company that believes in making things easier for them in a cost-effective manner. Practice Management and Medical Billing are unchartered territories for many people and we have a proven history of simplifying the intricacies for our clients.

Our clients are usually those people who have been obtaining our services for a long-term which means we have a higher rate of success than our competitors. Our expertise and experience have obtained for us a clientele that we are proud of. We have a team of hardened, time-proven specialists who will be proud to offer you their services, and it will be an honor to have you as a client.

Our Team

It takes a team of experts who are passionate, dedicated and maestros of their respective spheres to offer our clients the services we promise in an efficient and effective manner. Our team employs research work, quality customer service and remains intact with the evolving marketplace. Our team is a strong nexus of hardworking individuals who are here to provide you the best service possible, unmatched by any other competitor. Be it claim reimbursements, data entries or denial management, our team will go your problems their undivided attention so that your relationship with us remains a long lasting one.

Investor Relations

Our organization makes sure that our investors aren’t left hanging in the cold and that they are timely updated about the financial position of the organization. We believe in keeping a special relationship with our investors and it is upon us to keep them in the loop when it comes to the company’s posture in the market. Our team of investor relations analyses the different patterns of the market and makes sure that the investors are given first-hand information of the events to come. Our team takes care of meetings with investors, whenever required and sharing with our investors the annual report.