Our Services

Practice Management


Eligibility Management

Our organization, through its association with insurance companies, makes sure that the information provided by the patient is legitimate, avoiding certain inconveniences like insurance denial. The information is acquired before the appointment is finalized.


Charge Entries

Being one of the integral areas in Practice Management and Medical Billing, our organization ensures that data compiled from patient billing and insurance companies is transferred to the software for further processing. It helps the practitioner to keep a record of his claims. Our team consists of professionals highly skilled in different data entry (medical billing) software’s. Our organization emphasizes on quality and accuracy, promising error-free entries before being submitted to the associated health insurance carrier.


Payment Posting

Our organization promises prompt payment posting record of patients after the billing process concludes. In payment posting our primary focus is upon action based on research, keeping up to speed with inflow statement and analyzing explanation of benefits.


Referral and Authorization Management

Our organization ascertains that the patient is referred to a field related practitioner/specialist if the primary care physician suggests so. This includes participating specialists and various health care service providers. Our organization makes sure that the services being offered by the health care provider are the services that are appropriate for the patient and if the rendered services fall under the benefit plan.


Denial Management

Our organization promises to deal with all your hurdles, the biggest one being insurance denial. Poor management of denial means that your medical practice will end up in a loss. We make sure that you get what you deserve, what you have worked for without any obstruction. We have up to date denial management software that analyses integral information i.e why the claim is being denied, who is denying it and how to deal with re-submission. We make sure that you are paid what you are owed and highlight areas where you can improve your future submissions.


Credentialing and Consulting

Our organization makes sure that the practitioner does not have to worry about credentialing. Our team of practice management consultants remains up to speed with the credentials required for the process, translating into payment programs without any delay. Our organization is aware of the credential requirements for different medical practices and makes certain in providing accurate data regarding the credentials required.


Appointment Confirmation

To eliminate no-show scenarios, our organization remains in contact with the patients throughout until their appointment. The patient is also given a reminder of the documents or reports that he will have to bring along for his appointment. Appointment confirmation and scheduling is a major aspect of practice management and medical billing and here in our organization we ensure the fluidity of the whole process.


Contract Negotiations

With the help of our organization you will never end up on the short end of the stick. Contract negotiations can be tricky if you are not attuned to the language of negotiations. Our team makes sure that you benefit from your contract dealings and have your way in the process. Your terms, our expertise.

Billing Companies

Citadel Billing Services has a team of medical billing experts who are well attuned to deal with your billing problems, no matter how convoluted they are. We have a tested history of maximizing the revenue, bringing down the expenses and providing significant improvement in the client’s work. Before we enroll a client we make sure that he/she is eligible for that certain claim and insurance; such verifications are necessary and they considerably reduce the risk of denials. Our team is equipped with the latest softwares that are so essential for Medical Billing, we believe in being a step ahead from the rest of the market; moreover we believe in providing the best solutions to our clientele.  Our team acts as a bridge between the client and the insurance companies. We know how to work around contract negotiations and we are well known for acquiring lucrative deals for our clients. We don’t believe in leaving our client out in the cold when it comes to contract dealing. Each practitioner, every now and then, comes across a claim denial. A claim denial leaves a practitioner distracted and frustrated; his/her duty to the patients is compromised. This is where we come in. Our team has been there so many times, dealing with denials caused by so many reasons; our team knows how to handle a denial and we deal with it much faster than the rest.  Citadel Billing Services are the pioneers of quality billing services. Our priority has always been the satisfaction of our clientele; we have never compromised on quality and we never will.