Citadel Billing Services (CBS) strives to give unparalleled medical billing and practice management services that are up to speed with the latest trends of the market. It is upon us to act as a robust bridge between our clients and insurance companies so that there are no hiccups when it comes to claims and follow-ups. Our services are tailored specially for our clients according to their needs and we provide them with the latest services to help them with their reimbursements. We aspire to become a household name in the domain of medical billing and practice management by creating a long-term clientele that is based upon rich virtues such as integrity, trust and merit.  


It takes a team of experts who are passionate, dedicated and maestros of their respective spheres to offer our clients the services we promise in an efficient and effective manner. Our team employs research work, quality customer service and remains intact with the evolving marketplace. Our team is a strong nexus of hardworking individuals who are here to provide you the best service possible, unmatched by any other competitor. Be it claim reimbursements, data entries or denial management, our team will go your problems their undivided attention so that your relationship with us remains a long lasting one.  


Citadel Billing Service is an organization that has made a mark on the industry by delivering results that are second to none. It has transcended the market benchmarks and has been a step ahead of its competitors. Citadel Billing Service has always believed in providing unrivaled services in an innovative and effective way. Citadel Billing Service is one of the pioneer companies when it comes to practice management and medical billing services. Citadel Billing Services challenges itself to perform better and takes pride in the fact that it has always delivered on the promises made.  

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